Tuesday, May 24, 2011

String Theory

 String Theory
By: Beckey Grundy
String Theory Webcomic

Updates: Wednesdays and Saturdays

  String Theory is a webcomic devoted to the world of Dr. Herville Albert Schtein, super genius, and his new lab assistant Delia Osgood. Though Dr. Schtein is incredibly science smart his way with people leaves much to be desired. The first chapter is about Dr. Schtein and his social issues regarding his newly hired assistant and his competition, Professor Langstrom.

  Beckey has an amazing knack for capturing moods of the panels through facial expression. I really fell in love with her art style as soon as I laid eyes on the cover for chapter 1. She doesn't bog down the reader with excessive background details in the beginning. Much like the characters, as the plot becomes more detailed so too do the complexities of the character's design.

  I won't spoil the plot too much for you, so I'll stop with the details here. I hope you like this one, I know this one will be going in my RSS feed.

The link for the image above:  http://www.stringtheorycomic.com/comics/chapterone/pagenine/

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